Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Graduation! (budding Jewelry Designer)

In the recent months of April - August, I had spent weekends flying in and out of S'pore to accomplish my dream of being a JD. Now, I'm a certified Basic & Advanced Silver & Gold Metal Clay Fabricator. I've learnt to make Silver (999), Gold (22k), Glass & Enamelling during these times and I'm yet to complete my course in Jewelry Designing back here in KL. I'm ecstatic I took the challenge and not sit around wondering if I should have cause now I am almost done!! Haha...

You'll soon get a chance to see my new line, comprising of (silver, glass and enamel) jewelry. Am now setting up the line and most importantly, its brand. Any ideas? :-)

The following items will be upon requests ie: made-to-order as all designs will be one-of-its-kind. Should you have desired designs, do drop me a mail at or follow us here and leave your comments. Coming sooon!!!

Till then, toodless!


Lynde @ Lynzgallery.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jewelry In the Making

To say the least, I'm one step closer to realising my dream as a Jewelry Designer. *wink* A month or so ago, I took a big leap, a decision I today am glad I did. The process was pretty stressful at some levels as I had to think thoroughly, if this is what I really want to achieve in the future - be it a profession, a business or even just a hobby. A lot of time has been put into it, classes - drawings & making the jewelry itself has been exciting yet challenging as creativity is key especially in the jewelry making class.

Jewelry Making - Love! I had just completed my basic level and will soon progress to the advance level. Looking forward to the methods, types, ideas and challenges I will face to producing one-of-a-kind pieces. It is amazing how something you have so much passion for just falls into place and the best part is, it feels right. :-) Though the travelling time spent to and fro to S'pore is absolutely tiring, it is well worth it. I've made several pieces consisting of pendants, rings, brooches etc and I just adore them, I wear them almost everyday. Featured below are a couple of my favourite pieces. As an appreciation to mum on Mother's Day, I made her a 999 silver brooch. (no pic shown)
A 999 silver ring with an antique look to it. Can also be worn as a pendant. A fav!
Textured leaf pendant made from 999 silver. Another everyday wearable piece.
Aside from my Jewelry Making classes, I've also signed myself up to a Jewelry Design course. It is a 9 month course and it is pretty fun...I get to play with colour pencils, and draw out various gemstones, diamonds, pearls etc. I too get to be trained how to study the stuff and learn the traits of the jewelry business. Soon, we'll be taught to design actual jewelry pieces and I can't wait! To date, it'll be 8 more months towards becoming a Jewelry Designer, an apprentice for a start. *tee hee*
Doing this has been the best decision I've made to pursue a passion and I hope you who might feel similarly would do the same. It is never too late learn to gain more knowledge. Knowledge is golden and it is forever kept with you.
Hope to pursue this passion into a full time career someday. *Fingers crossed*
Presently, I take custom orders for silver only items as shown above. Designs can be proposed or brought should you have something in mind.

I just got one order and I'm psyched to get started. Till next time! :-)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

An experience, it was.

- the broadest term of what refers to conventions adopted by a culture or subculture. An art I'm just drawn by its every growth and evolution. In recent years, my love for jewellery in particular has translated into a great passion for jewellery making. With that, I began making my first pieces sometime in the end of year 07.
Since then, I have made over 100's of pieces of jewellery. ( This however began with no training/classes and so I thought, why not?! Here's what I accomplished from my very first jewellery workshop.
All sorts of junk were provided as materials for us to design creative masterpieces.
1st set - My favourite piece
Materials: plastic tie bands
2nd set
Materials: Some kind of plastic decoration

3rd piece - Brooch
4th piece - Bracelet using plastic forks

It was a really motivating class for me, possibly someday to pursue more knowledge in the field. *wink*

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My 1st Photography Competition!!!

Some weeks ago a friend told me about this "Christmas At the Park" event organised by SIB KL. She suggested I join in the Talentime contest and i was like NOOOOoooo. Haha...So I decided to join the Photography contest instead. And I'm so glad I did!! =) Below is the photo I had submitted for the theme "A Community of Love". I was asked to attend the event yesterday as I was one of the finalist but had no clue that I was a #2 winner! Haha...Forgive me, I'm just so overjoyed! It's such a great feeling to win. Hehe....
*My winning photo*
-2nd place-
Entitled: "Their Many Expressions of Love"

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"Wheel Love & PINK Tattoos Launch"

28th Nov 09 marked the launch of skateshop *Wheel_Love* & tattoo parlour, *PINK tattoos*
Situated in;

28, ss15/4 Subang Jaya,

47500, selangor

(contact - 012 296 1121 or email

Open: 12pm-8pm (7days)
The side alley leading to the entrance of *Wheel_Love*, where many skate enthusiasts perform their stunts

Yummy mini JOM Skate cupcakes! =) courtesy of DJ Jules from FlyFM & her mom (Cake Crumbs)

Their variety of skateboards, designed by the likes of
Girl, Baker, Chocolate, Plan B, Powell, Toy Machine etc. (Price ranges from RM229-RM650) Shoes and T-shirts for sale.

*Wheel_Love's* very own tie-dyed shirts for both women and men. Comes in various sizes! Go get one of your own today
The partners of *Wheel_Love*
(Sukeats & WeiYeng)

The cosy lounge area

Rollerblades by K2, USD & Xsjado
from (RM400-RM1000)
Upstairs, on the 2nd floor, you'll find the Tattoo Parlour, PINK tattoos.
For you tattoo lovers, here's the place to get it done!
PINK's cupcakes

The lepak area

The tattoo wall of fame

Accessories by Brollies and clothings are also sold at PINK tattoos.

Amongst the many tattoos done by tattoo artist Lynda Chean.

For appts: Call 03-5633 7465
Add: 28-1, ss15/4, 47500 subang jaya

Friday, October 2, 2009

.:Our Love Story:.

Last night, a good friend spent precious moments with us capturing our love story. After a year of marriage bliss, we headed back to where it all started and remisniced the wonderful times we had. =)

A sneak preview of the excellent job Jack did! I love them all!
Thank you. =)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The journey continues...

The journey continues. After having breakfast in our hotel, we headed out to meet some relatives and we were served with this really delicious Asam Laksa. Not much of a fan, but I loved it. And of course, dad had to kena his religious cup of kopi-o. Syiok-elingam!
Asam Laksa paired with a cup of hot kopi-o kao!

Somewhere in Medan Angsana II, Air Hitam.

Later, we adjourned to Pulau Tikus to get mum her Siamese Laksa. Hehe....The weather had been rather unkind, yes raining and drizzling all day. Yuuck! When arrived, we realised the shop we wanted to head to was closed. So, we went 2 doors down to the following coffee shop.

The coffee shop, Sin Hup Aun.
Where we had our meal instead.
The stall, Jones Road Mee Goreng
Seemed popular, we all coincidentally ordered different food from the same stall.

Mee Goreng & Pasembur
The Mee Goreng was a tad salty but moist the way I like it. The Pasembur on the other hand was really good. In fact can be said better than the one in Batu Lanchang Market. =)
Mee Rebus (Rate: 9/10)

After filling our tummies, we took a drive around Batu Feringghi and stopped at Hard Rock Hotel. Well, was just trying my luck to see if the Hard Rock shop was already operating as I collect their limited edition pins! Oh well, next trip then. =)

Hard Rock, Penang.
Scheduled to launch this Saturday, 19th Sept 09.
We headed back to have some rest after working our tummy engines so much...Haha....It definitely needed the break after all the food we'd been feeding it. Felt so sleeeeepy! That night, we decided to have a good meal, instead of all the hawker food we'd been having. So we headed for some Penang Nyonya food. =)

Perut Rumah
Located opposite the Gurney Plaza in a bungalow house

The Interior

Acar Hu
Pickled Fish
Kiam Hu Kut Curry
Salted Fish Bone Curry

Huan Choo Hiok
Sweet Potato Leaves Curry
Hong Bak
Braised Pork in Aromatic Spices

Too Tor T'ng (Pig Intestine Soup) - My fav (esp grandma's)

It was a good and fulfilling meal. Super stuffed, we decided to go Gurney Plaza to walk off all the food we had. The last day in Penang, the food journey continues....We checked out and headed back to Pulau Tikus to have the Siamese Laksa!

Restaurant Swee Kong, opposite the Pulau Tikus police station.
Taken the day it was closed and we are back! Hunggrrrrry! Gosh, I sound like a glutton and I'm glad to say I am! Haha....
Siamese Laksa
All because mum was craving for it! It was well worth it. The crowd explained it. =)

Next stop, Kheng Pin Cafe
Famous for their lobak and pork throttle porridge. There are other choices such as wan tan mee, hokkien mee (fairly good) etc.

By far, the best lobak I've ever tasted. Everything was freshly made and super crunchy and tasty. Not greasy like the usual ones we have as it was drained well. (Rate: 10/10)

Our last food stop, filled and satisfied, we headed to get the famous Him Heang biscuits. Then, we started our journey to Taiping for my cuzzie's wedding the next day. Taiping too have their fair share of good food. =)

Soon Lee Restaurant, Taiping

Black pepper fish fillet & their 'special' style Tofu
Soon Lee has always been known for their good food. If in Taiping, do not be mistaken by the posh looking Soon Lee restaurant. This one the smaller coffee shop version of it.

Kakak Restaurant, Taiping Town
Famous for their Kuey Teow T'ng, there's always a line/the shop will be full house! (Operates only in the mornings-noon) Everytime we go back to Taiping, it is the same experience. The aunty in the purple blouse (always dressed and made up to the prim) is the lady who prepares all the bowls of noodles you will enjoy! Any additional meat balls (home-made), intestines etc you'd desire in your bowl of noodles can be requested. Prepare to wait for some time, best not to go on an empty stomach. Haha....But she makes them super fast, so it won't be thhhattt long. =)

That special bowl of Kuey Teow T'ng

Hence, the end of our trip up north. Oh, actually there was the famous Taiping Cendol we had that has been around for 3 generations now. Unfortunately, I didn't bring my camera that day, so no pics to view. However, if you happen to be in Taiping town, it is somewhere around in a medium sized corner shop. Or ask around. =)
The End